Pretty Little Mamas Poll: Whose Side Are You On -- Nikki's Or Nicole's?

When Nikki dredged up the painful past, the HBIC cried 'foul'

Nikki learned a harsh lesson on this week's MTV's Pretty Little Mamas: When it comes to PO'ing HBIC Nicole, it's two strikes and you're out.

On last week's series premiere, Nikki first came under fire during that unfortunate summer bash debacle: When one of her friends said she'd matched with Nicole's boyfriend Michael on Tinder, she decided to tell her old pal about it right then and there. Nicole's reaction? Basically, she did a Mount Vesuvius.

Now, this week, Nikki got even more intel about Nicole's life — this time, from a pal who just happens to be Nicole's cousin, and he said Nicole was once the victim of online bullying courtesy of a website someone created to harass her.

"It was just saying all these really terrible, untrue things about Nicole," he revealed.

And that's when Nikki began facing a quandary: Should she tell Nicole what she’d learned? She began pondering it -- "I feel like any friend would want to be told," she said -- and, in the meantime, sure as hell told everyone else. First, she divulged the info to Cheyenne and fellow pal Heather; then she brought up the subject with her mom. So did Nikki then tell Nicole? Nope, but she didn't have to -- Cheyenne eventually revealed that Nikki had pretty much unearthed Nicole's painful past.

So what was the combustible blonde's reaction? Mount Vesuvius all over again. And when she met Nikki for a drink, she tore into her now-frenemy with a vengeance.

"I'll make this short and sweet," she began. "You brought up something that was so hurtful and upsetting from my past that [Cheyenne and Heather] don't even know about, and I think what you did is just as bad as what that person did to me [by] putting up that website."

With Nikki stuttering and stammering, Nicole announced: "I don't even want to hear from you at this point."

For her part, Nikki made a hasty exit. "She's not the friend I thought she was," she later said in a confessional. "For her to just walk in and start yelling and attacking me and not even letting me get a word in, I'm backing the f*ck off."

But what do you think? Was Nikki right in wanting to tell Nicole about the website, and did Nicole just overreact? Or did Nikki make matters worse, and should she have minded her own business? Tell us who's side you're on by voting in the poll, below, then catch another PLM on Thursday at 9/8c.