Family Vacation Poll: Who Ruined The Guys' Night Out -- Vinny Or Deena?

He says she was a 'drunk little meatball'; she says he was the worst

Hashtag meatball problems: That moment the guys want to go out solo, but you just want to get your dance on.

That was basically Deena's issue to a T on the latest Jersey Shore: Family Vacation installment, when MVP (plus Ronnie) wanted to leave the ladies at home in favor of a bros-only fest. After all, they haven't had a proper guys' night out since Italy -- yes, over six years ago -- and they were feelin' fresh to death with their new haircuts (okay, maybe just Pauly). But everyone knows that when a meatball wants something, there is no stopping her -- Deena was bound and determined to crash their party.

"I think the guys kind of wanted to have a boys' night, but I don't care," she said. "I'm going out."

That's when Vinny "No Girls Allowed" Guadagnino's biggest fear came true: Their epic evening morphed into "babysitting Deena night." The self-proclaimed "blast in a glass" fell not once, not twice, but three times on the dance floor. And each time, one of the guys was there to pick her up.

"She's like a drunk little meatball. You have to contain her, or she's gonna roll off the plate," said Vinny, who scraped his knee and hurt his back trying to break one of her many spills.

But Deena didn't want to be rescued (see aforementioned determined meatball memo) -- she claimed she was "fine" and accused Vinny of actually "ruining everything" by trying to be a good Samaritan. Cue the bickering pair's "You're the worst" exchange:

At this point, the meatball's mood was quickly spiraling, and the guys put a lid on their dude outing just in time to console a crying Deena in the van. Because it wasn't the booze, her "low center of gravity" (Pauly's words) or those tall wedges that made her tumble -- it was... Vin?

"[Vinny] was like, 'Oh, Deena! Deena!' And then I fell because I was nervous," she said.

Sounds like your classic he-said-she-said conundrum, so who truly ruined guys' night out? Take our poll above and catch a new Jersey Shore: Family Vacation this Thursday at 8/7c! And test your Jersey Shore knowledge, courtesy of the quiz below.