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Justin Bieber Gave A Rare Live Performance During His Coachella Weekend

He also met the Walmart yodeling kid and hung out with Migos during his action-packed desert trip

In the unlikely event that your Instagram feed didn’t remind you approximately 10,000 times, this weekend was the first round of Coachella, and all your fave stars took to the desert for three days of music, parties, and crop top-wearing. One of those festival-happy celebs was Justin Bieber, who packed his Coachella getaway with quality BFF time, meet-and-greets, dad-dancing, and even a rare live performance.

Below, check out some highlights from Bieber’s very eventful weekend.

  1. He met the Walmart yodeling kid.

    Yodeling YouTube sensation Mason Ramsey was brought out during Whethan’s set on Friday, and JB caught up with the pint-sized country prodigy after the performance. In the video above, Bieber can be heard telling Ramsey, “I’m so proud of you!” with such warm, genuine emotion. He also assured Ramsey he’ll “do big things” one day and thoughtfully advised the kid to “drink some water.”

  2. He met “fav” band Greta Van Fleet.

    Bieber — who apparently needs to invest in a pair of sunglasses — also snagged some face time with this hard-rocking band of brothers from Michigan.

  3. He danced like no one was watching during Skip Marley’s set (even though plenty of people were).

    Shirt and shoes are optional, apparently.

  4. And he wore a very Coachella-appropriate ensemble.

    Bieber’s very lax look included some oversized Hawaiian-print threads, a pink bucket hat, and a trendy cross-body.

  5. He had a BFF jam session with Post Malone.

    Malone — who performed at the festival on Sunday (April 15) — caught up with his buddy JB over a piano jam session.

  6. And they had a passionate conversation in front of the Migos.

    Anyone else dying to know what Post said that made Takeoff react like that?!

  7. He gave a rare live performance at a church event.

    Last but not least, Bieber capped his weekend with an intimate mini-concert at a City church event in Indio. In the video above, he’s seen covering a pair of Christian worship songs, raising his hands in the air and singing with pure emotion. It marked his first public performance since he abruptly canceled his Purpose tour last year, and hopefully it’s a sign that his musical comeback is imminent.