'You Can't Regret Anything': Farrah Reflects On Her Teen Mom OG Journey

The young mother opened up to Dr. Drew during tonight's reunion special

Farrah was unable to appear at the Teen Mom OG reunion -- but host Dr. Drew sat down separately with Sophia's mother, and their conversation was featured during tonight's brand-new special.

Some topics that were addressed: Her mother Debra's wedding (Sophia did not "feel comfortable" attending, but Farrah was at the milestone event), Farrah's declaration that she "would not talk about anyone who I have dated" (after being asked about stuntman Aden Stay and on-again off-again beau Simon Saran) and Sophia's awareness of her mom's multiple businesses ("There's nothing to hide," Farrah said emphatically). But the conversation took a different turn when the addiction specialist asked if there was anything Farrah would like to state about the long-running series.

"I'm happy that I didn't let anyone break me from my core, which I felt this production was doing and many other people around me," Farrah stated. "Not to say anything negative -- those are just my feelings. I'm happy that I expressed that on social media and everywhere where I work, and hopefully I get a better environment because of me choosing to live a different life."

Dr. Drew, who has known Farrah since 16 and Pregnant, then reflected on their relationship through the years.

"I've enjoyed watching you grow up and thrive and become a mom and entrepreneur," he said. "I remember being very concerned about you guys as teenagers."

"Life is crazy -- you can't regret anything," Farrah responded. "And you can't judge and be critical of someone with all of that stuff going on. It just really hurts someone who is younger."

On a closing note, Farrah added that she was "not sad" -- and she "takes it for what it is." What did you think of Farrah's candid chat with Dr. Drew? Share your thoughts in the comments.