Dramatic Dysfunction: Will Pretty Little Mamas' Chandlar Ever Be Able To Leave Aaron?

The pregnant mom seems to have had enough -- but history shows she just can't quit him

Looks like Nicole isn't the only one with man trouble on MTV's Pretty Little Mamas.

On the show's premiere, the self-proclaimed party queen had a massive meltdown when her Prince Charming revealed his inner toad, but there was much more serious relationship drama unfolding in San Diego courtesy of 24-year-old Chandlar. The black sheep of the PLM clique -- she had a falling out with Nicole and hadn't spoken to her, Cheyenne, Nikki and Alyssa for more than three years -- revealed her relationship with beau Aaron was more than a little rocky.

"Seven months ago when Aaron found out that I was pregnant he totally freaked out on me and took off," said the pretty blond (she also has a four-year-old daughter from a previous relationship). "Aaron has gone to rehab three times now and it just hasn't worked. But I'm hoping with the birth of his son it will give him some of that extra push."

Aaron, meanwhile, swore he was changing his ways. "I want us to be a family," he told his baby mama. "The last three years have been rough, but since this baby I have straightened up my act."

But his aforementioned words, frankly, weren't good enough. Later, a weeping Chandlar had to be picked up by her mom after Aaron "started acting crazy." Even worse, Aaron's brother called to report that Aaron had just been arrested for DUI.

But Chandlar didn't let go -- and even met with Aaron a few days later after he posted bail. So was he remorseful for his actions? Not exactly.

"Aaron, you're impossible to talk to," Chandlar said, fleeing the park and leaving behind a heartbreaking trail of tears. "I just can't deal with this anymore."

But is this really her breaking point? Is Chandlar ready to take her mother's advice and finally let Aaron go, or is she unable to really quit him? Let us know your thoughts, then be sure to catch another Pretty Little Mamas.