Zayn Is Back Fighting Off Gangsters In Cinematic, Romantic 'Let Me' Video

And falling in love

After spending most of 2017 laying low, Zayn kicked off 2018 by teasing music (and originally composed poems zoems) on Instagram. Now, he's officially back with a brand-new tender ballad called "Let Me," which dropped Thursday (April 12) complete with a music video that features the man himself in a Hawaiian shirt, a black suit, and more good outfits.

It's thematically linked to the "Dusk Till Dawn" video, as both showcase Zayn portraying a dude mixed up in crime who is both brooding and romantic as hell. He gets the girl, but as always, it's gonna cost him.

Sonically, "Let Me" is a change of pace for Zayn, preserving the R&B-influenced groove of his 2016 debut, Mind of Mine, while making one slight but crucial change: His falsetto is as silken as ever, only this time, the music's brighter to match. The two pair well together, much like Zayn and his down-to-clown cab driver in the video.

Here, Zayn almost sounds like a chiller Twin Shadow, cooing about wanting love to last beyond just a simple tryst. As his video counterpart learns, though, that always comes with a price.

"Let Me" is a strong indication that a new era of Zayn is coming. The fact that he recently scrubbed his Instagram page except of all but promo materials is another good sign. Keep your mobile alerts turned on! #Z2 is coming.