Will Stephan Really Co-Parent His Son On Young And Pregnant?

'Teen Mom' Kayla suspects her baby daddy is full of empty promises

Out of all of the Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant couples, we find Kayla and Stephan to perhaps be the most confusing. We know they’re pretty much done on a romantic level -- at least for now -- but will Stephan be there as an involved co-parent like he’s claimed to be this whole time?

On this week’s episode, Kayla admitted she had high hopes her bad-boy ex would change his ways once their son Izaiah arrived. But unfortunately, she quickly realized that may not be the case.

First, the duo got into an argument about Stephan staying the night but not helping with the baby -- he slept upstairs alone because he was “tired,” defeating the purpose of his overnight stay entirely.

Then, the semi-civil conversation turned into a full-blown fight when Kayla asked Stephan if he could change his plans to go out the following night and instead stay home. He said no (and later revealed it was because she sprung the request on him last minute), then slammed the car door and left in a huff.

By episode’s end, the new dad hit a breaking point, telling his longtime lady they’re never getting back together because all they do is argue. However, he assured her he’ll “grind for [his] son” no matter what.

“At this point, I’m done arguing with you, 'cause at this point it’s not about us no more, period. It’s strictly about him,” Stephan said. “If you need me to be here for him half of the nights, I got you. I’m starting to feel like you just want me here to sit here and look at my face. It’s no 'us' no more. It’s him.”

Kayla admitted she was having a hard time letting go but also seemed to have a hard time believing Stephan will follow through on his word. But what do you think? Will Stephan be a good dad for Izaiah, or is he just telling Kayla what she wants to hear? Sound off in the comments, and keep watching Young and Pregnant Mondays at 10/9c.