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Cardi B Reflects On Covering Lady Gaga And Madonna At Her High School Talent Shows

Bodak Romance

Before the Bodak, Cardi B was another aspiring performing-arts student who moonlit as a Little Monster. In a viral video, a young Cardi can be seen covering Lady Gaga's 2009 hit "Bad Romance" during a talent show at Renaissance High School For Musical Theater and Technology.

In a new interview with MTV News correspondent Gaby Wilson, Cardi B opens up about how her grandmother encouraged her to sing and what Madonna and Lady Gaga songs she loved to cover during her teenage years.

"Well, I used to sing. Like, my grandmother always used to make me sing for her," Cardi said. "She used to be like, 'Oh my gosh, you're going to be such a star. You're going to be such a star.'"

Cardi continued to break down what pop songs she covered over the course of her high school experience.

"I went to high school for musical theater and technology," the Invasion of Privacy rapper said. "I used to do talent shows. I even have a video of me performing Lady Gaga and everything. ... In my freshman year, I performed Madonna, 'Material Girl.' In 10th grade, I couldn't do the talent show. Junior year I did 'Love Game,' and then senior year I did 'Bad Romance.'"

Pretty sure Cardi wouldn't have any problems securing a Gaga or Madonna feature now.