Was Tony's Vendettas Vote For Bananas Betrayal Or Just Good Gameplay?

The two players hashed out the infamous ‘Challenge’ vote on the first part of the reunion

The bigger they are, the harder they fall — and when Bananas suffered defeat in The Ring on Vendettas, the ground shook all the way to the horizon. But in hindsight, should he have been in the elimination round in the first place, and did Tony have the right to send him in?

On tonight’s Challenge reunion special, host (and new dad) Mike “The Miz” Mizanin dove into the dynamics of Bananas’ loss to Devin in “Not So Bright,” and what got Johnny sent into an elimination round at all. Ultimately, it was Bananas’ pal Tony — Bananas’ protégé — who cast the deciding vote, but Tony insisted that he was just playing the game in a way that Bananas might have also under different circumstances.

After all, The Miz said, Vendettas was a game designed for players to stab each other in the back, front and anywhere else that was available.

“I’ve always had balls, man — I just tried to wait in the wings and pick my time to pull the trigger and I think I made the right move,” Tony insisted.

Johnny, though — who reminded viewers that he’d never voted for Tony in the five seasons they’d played together — said that Tony broke an implicit alliance that transcended the game. He argued that he’d helped Tony at every juncture he could, and at least deserved a warning about the vote.

“Would I have done that to him? Absolutely not,” Johnny said. “Not only did I never say his name, at every step I could, I looked out for him — not just in the game, but outside the game. I saw him in a lot of ways like a little brother…[But] anyone who knows Tony’s track record knows that loyalty isn’t exactly one of his strong suits.”

The move ultimately helped Tony get a spot in the final mission, but he lost out to Kyle and Zach in the game’s first leg, and was ultimately sent home with nothing. As they say, karma’s a bitch.

Still, was Tony’s gameplay airtight?

What do you think — was Tony within his right to cast his vote for Johnny, and was he just playing the game the way it was designed to be played? Or, was he clearly indebted to Johnny, and should he have had Bananas’ back? Take our poll, share your thoughts, and see who (finally) wins next week when Vendettas wraps up with the second part of the reunion special on Tuesday at 9/8c!