Challenge Threats: Which Stars Intimidate The Rookie Champs?

Kam, Kailah and Tony reveal who they don't want to face in an elimination

Every Challenge competitor has that person they would rather not face in an elimination. And when Kam, Kailah and Tony join the Champs vs. Stars fold -- beginning on April 17 (tomorrow!) -- the trio of Vendettas finalists have their picks of celebrity players they would rather not see in the high-stakes environment.

"Arian Foster," Tony Time recently revealed to MTV News, without any hesitation. "As soon as I saw the group of star guys, I was thinking, 'We need to get him out of here.' And I don’t want to be the one to do it."

Kailah didn't flinch with her choice, either.

"I definitely did not want to go against Brooke Hogan. She is a very strong-looking girl, and I just don’t think I would size up to her," the Real World: Go Big or Go Home vet divulged.

Kam felt the same way as Kailah, adding, "If I ever had to go up against her physically, that might be really tough."

Will Tony, Kam and Kailah actually clash with Arian and Brooke? And how will they fare during their inaugural Champs vs. Stars appearance? Be sure to watch them during the premiere on Tuesday at 10/9c -- right after Part 2 of the Vendettas reunion at 9/8c!