Will Young And Pregnant's Kyler Really Step Up To The Plate?

Lexi's baby daddy finally offered a helping hand on this week's episode

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant’s Kyler has made it abundantly clear that he just wants to be friends with Lexi -- friends who “have babies together,” as the cheerleader sarcastically put it. But has the couple's newborn son already changed Kyler's view about fatherhood?

As we witnessed on this week’s episode, the typically unenthused high schooler stepped up to the plate for his baby mama -- he was there for the duration of Lexi’s labor and delivery, and even helped bring baby Tobias home from the hospital.

And despite originally seeming apathetic about the baby’s moniker, he eventually had a say in the name too.

“I finally picked the name Tobias,” Lexi told the cameras. “Kyler did kind of help out with the name because I didn’t want to be like, ‘Oh, we’re naming him this -- I don’t care what you say.’ I wanted to make sure he was okay with the name too.”

It was also implied that Kyler stayed with Lexi and Tobias for their first sleepless night home as planned, and it seems promising that he’ll be around more for his new family moving forward.

Even if the couple remains nothing more than friends-turned-co-parents, they're off to a positive start. But has Tobias’ birth truly changed Kyler, and will he continue to be there for Lexi and their son? And do you believe he and Lexi will get back together? Share your thoughts, and tune in to Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant Mondays at 10/9c.