Demi Lovato And Kehlani Ended A Show With A Steamy Kiss On Top Of A Bed


During Demi Lovato's live shows on her Tell Me You Love Me tour, she typically sings a few songs atop a bed, which acts as the centerpiece of the stage. You can find a lot of fan-shot videos of these moments pretty easily to get an idea of what it looks like.

But the tour's final first-leg stop in Newark, New Jersey on Monday night (April 2) might be the only one you need to see. That's because the show ended with Lovato's tour-mate Kehlani surprising her and planting a kiss as she sat on the bed in the middle of the stage.

The pair also posted a few photos of the steamy interaction on Instagram that ended with Lovato on top of Kehlani, singing and smiling.

"[T]onight your dancers put me up to this but anyone would be stupid not to jump at the chance to hop on that damn moving bed and grab your face," Kehlani wrote in her caption. "[I] love you and appreciate you, beautiful. [C]heers to you, more life and success on the rest of the legs of this tour."

Lovato's words were similarly complimentary: "Truly so grateful to have had this extremely special, talented and cool as fuck woman on this tour with me.. What an incredible fun sexy crazy night that I’ll never forget!!"

Though Kehlani's run as Lovato's supporting act has now ended, there are two more legs of the tour to go. If they're even half as passionate as this moment, there will undoubtedly be more fan-captured moments to enjoy. Keep your phones charged and your Insta feeds refreshed!