Should Gary Have Switched His Teen Mom OG Weekend With Amber?

Leah wanted to spend time with her friend -- during her mother's scheduled time

Amber and Gary have a Teen Mom co-parenting agreement in place for their daughter Leah. But during this week's season finale, the nine-year-old wanted to spend time at her friend's home -- when it was her weekend to stay with her mother. Ultimately, the soon-to-be mom-of-two allowed Leah to be with her pal, but when Amber asked Gary if he would switch weekends when Leah didn't have plans, he refused.

"His reasoning is that it is when Kristina's daughter is over," Amber told Andrew and her producer David. "Especially if I'm giving up my weekend for her to go spend the night with her friends. And for him to not be flexible and switch the weekends is really sh**ty."

But Amber explained the situation goes deeper than this one specific incident.

"I'm not priority in her life and in their eyes," Amber stated. "They act like it when they are getting filmed and stuff, but behind the scenes I'm not priority -- ever."

And while Amber doesn't believe Leah feels "caught in the middle," she does think the little girl understands what's happening between her parents.

"I think she's aware of everything," Amber added. "She's very intuitive, especially with me. I think she can feel the tension, which is why I don't like being around him anymore."

But back to the specific weekends. Should Gary have accommodated Amber's request so that she could be with her mini-me to avoid a long stretch without time together? Or was it best to keep Leah's schedule the same and allow her to be with her stepmother's daughter? Sound off in the comments, and be sure to watch part 1 of the Teen Mom OG reunion this Monday at 9/8c.