Shawn Mendes Reveals The One Thing He Can Finally Sing About On His New Album

Watch him answer hot questions while eating spicy wings

With his third album on the way, Shawn Mendes has some things to get off his chest. We’ve already heard him tackle topics of anxiety and friskiness — on “In My Blood” and “Lost in Japan,” respectively — and apparently there’s at least one more topic he's getting stoked to sing about.

The 19-year-old appears on the most recent episode of “Hot Ones,” a cruel-but-hilarious interview series where celebrities are tasked with answering questions while devouring chicken wings that get increasingly spicier. Mendes, for his part, was determined to consume all of the wings, and he certainly paid the price — during the course of the 23-minute vid, his face turns tomato-red, his eyes water, and he sweats, curses, and chugs milk while trying to grapple with the spice-induced pain.

Speaking of chugging things, when Mendes was asked about something that he can finally sing about on his new album that he couldn’t on the first two, he replied, “Drinking. Finally. Not that I was drinking before I was legal... but the legal age in Canada is 19, so it’s finally OK to be able to talk about drinking on the album.”

Watch the full interview below to see Mendes sweat it out while discussing Justin Bieber’s hockey skills, Taylor Swift’s birthday party, meeting Drake, and why he “couldn’t care less” about Hufflepuff.