Has Tyler Reached His Teen Mom OG Breaking Point?

During tonight's season finale, the young father made some surprising statements

Throughout this Teen Mom OG season, Tyler has been a pillar of strength for his loved ones -- from supporting wife Catelynn as she received treatment in Arizona (right after a devastating miscarriage) to taking his father Butch to rehab. And during tonight's season finale, Novalee's father got brutally honest about his current circumstances.

The context: Shortly after Cate decided to travel back to a treatment facility, Tyler had dinner with his sister Amber. The siblings discussed how Cate had opted for inpatient care while he wished she had decided on outpatient help, especially for Nova's sake.

"In my opinion, as her father, I think outpatient is what's best for [Nova] and inpatient is what's best for you," Tyler recalled telling Catelynn. "And she was like, 'She'll manage.'"

Amber asked Tyler if he thought it was a "selfish comment," and he explained that he believed it was really how "she felt."

"The truth that she is speaking is out of ignorance, because you don't know," he continued, as if he was speaking to his spouse. "She's f**king three, she can't manage nothing."

Cate's statement also struck a nerve with Tyler because it reminded him of what his dad used to say when he was younger. Specifically, Butch behaved in a certain way because he knew that his children had "a good mom." But Tyler made a sad admission after Amber stated that she believed Cate was "intimidated" to open up to her husband following the miscarriage.

"Well, maybe you should not be with me," he said. "Maybe I'm not the right guy for you."

Amber quickly disputed his theory, but Tyler believed he was being "legit."

"Maybe I am not good enough for you," he said.

Do agree with Tyler? And do you think he has reached his breaking point? Offer your advice to him in the comments, and don't miss Part 1 of the Teen Mom OG reunion this Monday at 9/8c.