Snooki Vs. JWOWW: Whose Side Are You On After Their Family Vacation Fight?

The 'Jersey Shore' BFFs battled it out (and yes, we're shocked too)

"Holy f**king estrogen" is right. (Thanks for that, Ronnie.)

The Jersey Shore: Family Vacation has been a bit of an emotional one for Snooki thusfar. The mama of two has been missing her kiddos, and when she lost her wedding ring during last week's episode, she was about to start packing. Thank the guido gods she found it, but during tonight's installment, she found herself on the outs with JWOWW -- after struggling to set boundaries with Vinny.

It's no secret that Vin and the guidette have some serious history: The two did kinda-sorta smush when Snooki first started dating Jionni -- long before they were married, mind you. Now that they're back in a house together, Vinny -- who is also in a relationship -- was missing their old-geezer antics and attempted to ease the tension by dry humping her leg at the Clevelander. (What, you don't dry hump your friends?)

Nicole, clearly not having it, snapped, "God, you're going to ruin my marriage. Get off me."

When Vin questioned their ground rules, Snooki denied any weirdness, insisting she's "friends with everyone" but doesn't want to disrespect her husband. That's when Jenni, who was privy to both sides, stepped in with a cup of truth tea for her BFF. "Own it," she stated. "Literally say, 'Dude, I f**ked up so bad with you, Vinny, so if you would be so kind as to not go near me when we're out, I would greatly appreciate it.' Boom. Done. End of discussion."

When Nicole then called Jenni's loyalty and intelligence into question, Jersey Shore World War III (Ronnie's words) exploded between the longtime friends.

Grab the popcorn Doritos, son, and cue ALL the expletives.

Following a slew of b**ch back-and-forths, Jenni eventually just walked away. "If she's gonna blame me, I'm out," she said, venting to Vinny. "I just said, 'Be f**king real.' She calls me an idiot. I don't deserve to be ragged on. I'm tired of it. I've been dealing with it for nine f**king years."

We don't know if we've seen these Jersey friends fight this bad since Italy. But what do you think? Was Snooki right to accuse JWOWW of not taking her side, or was she simply overreacting? Sound off with your thoughts, and see if these two can bounce back from the drama next Thursday at 8/7c.