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Tyler, The Creator Tells Timothée Chalamet To 'Come Get At Me' On 'Okra'

❤️ Timmy + Tyler = BFFs??? ❤️

Tyler, the Creator does what he wants, and today it looks like he wants to drop new music. The Golf Wang general released the video for "Okra," which he describes as "a throwaway song" in the YouTube description.

Over bass-rattling production, Tyler starts the song off with the declaration, "I did this shit in one take." His flow sounds eerily similar to Valee's on "Two 16's," as he packs the beat with his usual pop culture-laden bars. Over the song's two and a half minutes, he raps about G-Unit ("keep them bucks in banks like Yayo"), Grammy nominations ("Grammy-nominated, tell yo cousin ain't nobody fucking with him"), and the dissolution of Odd Future ("golf be the set, no more OF, like Ron Artest bitch, we aim for your neck").

However, the funniest part is when he shouts out Timothée Chalamet as he raps, "tell Tim Chalamet to come get at me." It isn't apparent why Tyler wants the young actor to get at him. Although, if he wants to be his BFF, he might have some competition from Kid Cudi.

Tyler told fans on Twitter that the song will be available on all major streaming services later tonight (March 29) and revealed how long he'd be promoting the song.

"i will promote this song for the next 5 days," Tyler wrote. "then continue to live a normal life, thank you, holla."

The ball is in your court now, Timmy.