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Cardi B Is An Honorary Disney Princess After Her Immaculate Cheetah Girls Cover

Does this make Offset Prince Charming?

Please say Cardi B isn't trolling. Yesterday (March 28), the "Bodak Yellow" star playfully teased a song from her debut album, Invasion of Privacy. Although, instead of the Bronx rapper breaking out into her signature staccato flow, she decided to bring back a 2003 classic, "Cinderella" by The Cheetah Girls. Above an Instagram caption that simply read "Invasion of privacy😌😌," Cardi decided to have a little fun with her fans.

"Just want to give a little preview of what you guys are going to get on April 6th," Cardi said. "It's one of my songs."

Many might have noticed something was amiss when Cardi started singing, "When I was just a little girl / My mama used to tuck me into bed." To her credit, Cardi proved she has the heart of a singer and would be a fantastic karaoke partner. The Cheetah Girls cover probably won't make the album, but then again we can always hope.

Since Cardi announced the release date of her album, she's been vocal on social media. In a recent tweet she set the record straight for her detractors and ironically shared part of her Cinderella story.

"I will never let nobody discredit me," the "Bartier Cardi" rapper wrote. "[B]efore i sign to Atlantic i put 2 mixtapes out and i was pushing FOREVA by myself .I went to Renaissance HS for musical theater .I been love music .After high school i Stopped wanna know why ?cause music DONT PAY YOUR FUCKING BILLS A JOB DOES."

Cardi's continued push proves that her album can't come fast enough. Also, Disney needs to let the Bronx rapper helm a Cheetah Girls reboot. Maybe then the cheetahs will stop attacking her.