Should Sean Have Told Jade He Was Quitting His Job On Young And Pregnant?

The new dad gave two weeks notice so he could help more with the baby

Sean and Jade have been growing apart on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant ever since the birth of their daughter Kloie. And during this week's episode, the couple took more steps backward after the young dad quit his job -- without discussing the decision with his girlfriend before giving his notice.

Here's what happened: As Jade adjusted physically and emotionally to #momlife, she expressed to her partner how alone she felt while caring for their newborn.

“I like taking care of my daughter but… I feel like a single mom because I’m doing it all night long, and then when you leave for work, all day long until late at night,” she told her beau, who was heavily invested in his video game during the conversation.

So, in what he thought would be a helpful move, the new dad took matters into his own hands and quit his job so he’d be around to help more with the baby.

“I f***ing put my two weeks in at work… I did it for you,” he told her. “You were crying to me the other night about how unhappy you are. I saw how unhappy you were, and I thought I made a good decision.”

But Jade felt blindsided and upset.

“When we’re supposed to be a couple, you can’t just do s**t and not tell me about it,” she yelled. “Why would you not f***ing tell me that you put in your two weeks? I cannot go back to work until my doctor says it's okay and signs a letter to my job. I’m worried that we can’t pay all our bills.”

Do you think Sean should have told Jade before making such a huge life decision? Or was he just trying to help? Vote below, and keep watching Young and Pregnant Mondays at 10/9c to see how it all unfolds.