Young And Pregnant Poll: Are Ashley And Bar Ready For Marriage?

A wedding might be around the corner for the parents-to-be

Ashley’s baby shower on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant was certainly a dramatic memorable one. But is there a bridal shower in her future?

During tonight’s brand-new episode, the couple vacationed to Lake Tahoe with some friends for one last hurrah before Baby Holly’s imminent arrival. While on an outdoor adventure, Bar dropped a bomb: He’s planning to propose to his baby mama...soon.

“I feel like it’s the right time,” he said. “I can’t give a specific timeframe, [but] I’m at the time where I’m comfortable and feeling like it’s the right time to do it.”

And yes, he even confessed he’s got a “scheme in place” for popping the question.

The only issue? Ashley, who wasn’t privy to this conversation, was not exactly ready to take that step.

“I’m not trying to get married right now,” the mom-to-be said when her sister questioned her future plans with her beau. “What’s the rush? I wanted to have a career, a husband, a kid. I’m off track right now, but I can still make sure my life follows my track.”

The nursing student continued, “I’m just not ready. Plus, I’m getting married in a castle in Spain, having a destination wedding. If you can’t make that destination, too bad.”

Ashley forgot to mention another issue, though — she and Bar’s mom Shen have a long and complicated history (which the aforementioned baby shower proved). And would the overprotective Shen even allow her son to wife up already?

Mama drama aside, do you think these two are ready for marriage, or should they adjust to parenthood before getting engaged? Vote in the poll, tell us your thoughts in the comments and keep watching Young and Pregnant Mondays at 10/9c!