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Cardi B Wants To Crown The Most Tinder-Obsessed College

She's throwing a party at the most swipe-happy school

Cardi B may be happily engaged, but she’s teaming up with Tinder for a wild new competition that wants to capitalize on all those hormones flying around college campuses.

The Bronx rapper is the face of “Swipe Off,” a contest that will crown the most swipe-happy school in the country. The rules are slightly convoluted, but it basically boils down to a March Madness-style bracket in which competing schools go head-to-head to prove they have the most matches on campus.

The school with the most right swipes wins a free Cardi B concert to cap off the school year, which is admittedly a pretty dope prize, especially considering that her debut album arrives just before the competition ends. Who knows? You may get to meet your new boo and take them to a free Cardi concert — where you’d be among the first to hear her new songs live — to celebrate.

The 64 schools competing in the contest will be announced on March 30. Each round will last two to four days, and the winner will be crowned on April 18. Got all that? Watch Cardi explain it all in the video below, and happy swiping, college kids!