Game Changer: Champs vs. Stars Is Back With A Brand-New Twist

Find out why the upcoming 'Challenge' competitors will be (un)happy together

Legendary Challenge competitors have faced off against both pros and stars -- with the champs owning a 2-0 record (Cara Maria and Darrell as well as Johnny Bananas, CT and Emily took the gold medals, respectively). But when The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars returns on April 17 with host (and new dad!) Mike "The Miz" Mizanin, the opposing sides will need to work together in order to secure a W.

For the first time ever, teams will be mixed with both celebrities and MTV players. Weekly eliminations will take place until one team will prove they are the ultimate “Challenge MVP,” but as the first look below shows, the gang is kinda (un)happy together. You know, Vendettas finalist Tony angrily declaring, "Losing sucks!" as well as Hennessy screaming, "Don't f**king get crazy with me" at Devin (with a cutaway to Brooke Hogan's mouth wide open).

The game format: Each week, the two teams will compete in a challenge that will test their physical and mental strength. The winning team from each challenge will nominate their most valuable player (MVP), who will receive money for their charity, be safe from elimination and choose their team’s least valuable player (LVP) to go into elimination. The losing team will also nominate their own LVP to go into elimination, and the two LVPs will compete to keep their spot in the MTV clash. What's at stake? A share of the $150,000 cash prize to donate to their beloved charities.

Stay with MTV News for more updates on The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars, then do not miss the premiere on Tuesday, April 17 at 10/9c! And keep watching Vendettas on Tuesday at 9/8c.