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Love, Simon Star Keiynan Lonsdale Releases New Queer Anthem 'Kiss The Boy'

''Cause love is a game we deserve to play out loud'

Keiynan Lonsdale publicly came out as queer while filming Greg Berlanti's gay teen rom-com Love, Simon in Atlanta last spring. Since then, the sexually fluid actor — known for his portrayal of speedster Wally West in The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow — has been candid about his journey, telling Out how he was "making decisions based on fear" before coming out.

"I was altering my personality and the photos I'd put up on social media and the emojis I'd use — every little thing," Lonsdale said. "It was a full-time job. What that does is keep building shame, without you even realizing it."

Lonsdale addresses these feelings in his new song, "Kiss The Boy." The smooth, queer love song finds the 26-year-old lamenting, "I'm scared to show just how I feel 'cause people talk," before crooning, "You ain't gotta be afraid / Of the words you want to say right now / 'Cause love is a game we deserve to play out loud."

"Honestly, I didn't come out to inspire others," Lonsdale told Out. "I did it for myself, but then, once I realized the effect it had on other people, it became this beautiful thing. And I can go anywhere now and be me. I'm a better actor, a better musician, and a better person."

With out-and-proud lyrics like "Ain't gotta hide this heart of mine / I'm gonna fight just to let you know / To open your light and let it glow" it's clear that the anthemic single is Lonsdale at his most personal and vulnerable, finally free to catch feelings for whomever he wants. And he joins openly queer pop artists like Troye Sivan, MNEK, Years & Years, and Hayley Kiyoko in using his music to express his authentic self and honestly talk about his sexuality.

Lonsdale also revealed on Instagram that the single artwork — a pencil sketch of the actor — was actually a piece of fan art he spotted online. See the purple-colored original below:

"Kiss The Boy" sadly didn't make the Love, Simon soundtrack, but it will thankfully inspire many Simon/Bram fan videos, and I personally can't wait to watch them all.