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Tinashe Shares Why She Won't Sing About Boyfriend Ben Simmons On Joyride

'I’m hoping he's not gonna break up with me next week'

Earlier this month, Tinashe and Ben Simmons revealed they are dating. In an interview with Hot 97, the R&B singer opened up about her budding romance with the 76ers point guard and if there are any songs about him on her upcoming album, Joyride.

"I’ve never in my whole career posted about a guy," Tinashe said. "So I’m hoping he's not gonna break up with me next week. That would be embarrassing...It’s exciting when you really like somebody and you don’t wanna keep it a secret, secret. So it’s been fun. It’s been interesting. It’s a learning process. I’m still getting used to it."

Later in the interview, the "Faded Love"-singer shared that she has written songs about Simmons.

"I have written a few songs for him, but they didn’t make the project," Tinashe said. "Maybe on my next one."

Tinashe's third studio album releases on Friday (April 13). In an interview with MTV News correspondent Gaby Wilson, Tinashe discussed what fans could expect from the upcoming project.

"Joyride to me is definitely high energy," she said. "It's more high energy than for sure my mixtapes or stuff that I initially, initially, initially started with, but what I love about Joyride is that I really do feel like it feels like an evolution."

Maybe that new high energy can help Simmons get pumped before the playoffs.