Is Leroy Finally Fired Up Enough To Take A Challenge Finale by Storm?

It’s been years since the 'Real World' alum has seen the end of a game

Lesson learned: You don’t poke a sleeping bear, and you don’t send Leroy into The Ring.

On the latest episode of Vendettas, and after Devin and Jemmye were immediately sent home for being the last-place finishers in “Help Me Rhonda,” the game’s remaining players learned they’d reroute to the Czech Republic for the season’s final leg.

But there wasn’t much time for fun and games in Prague, as the final 10 competitors were immediately put to the test in “Outside the Box,” which challenged contestants to swing back and forth between a moving truck and an exterior apparatus while avoiding huge pillars that had been planted in the road. If a contestant failed to make a leap, or knocked into a pillar, he or she would receive a penalty, and sadly, when all was said and done, Nelson was immediately eliminated for accruing the most knocks against him.

And while TJ made the remaining four ladies’ days at the mission’s end by informing them they’d all successfully made it to the final challenge, TJ announced five men were too many for the roster to hold, and tasked the new top-finishing Troika — Cara Maria, Kailah and Tony — with choosing which two remaining men would square off in the next elimination round, and which two men would be safe.

As only Kyle, Brad and Leroy were left to choose from after Kailah and Cara banded together to spare Zach from The Ring (the ladies thought he’d be the best potential choice for an opposite-sex partner in a final mission), The Troika found The Inquisition particularly difficult. Brad made the case that he wanted to make a better life for his kids, Kyle said that he wanted to continue living out his first Challenge experience and Leroy reminded The Troika that he’d had their backs in previous voting ceremonies.

“The decision between these three guys is the hardest one,” Cara lamented. “Brad’s been to finals before, he’s well rounded. And just having Leroy around makes me feel stronger.”

Still, when it came time to make a choice, Cara and Tony shocked the game’s players when they spared Kyle from The Ring, effectively pitting Leroy against Brad for the final men’s spot in “Vendettas.”

And Leroy was pissed.

“I deserved to not be blindsided by people who I thought cared about me,” he said.

But Leroy proved he could survive as a lone wolf, and bested Brad in “Headbanger,” which challenged the guys to break through a series of walls before unearthing a pair of small balls and depositing them into respective chambers.

“This has been a rough season for me, but I’m very blessed to still be able to compete at a high level,” Leroy admitted before dismissing Tony and Cara Maria with fiery vitriol. “I’m in the final now.”

Still, Leroy hasn’t competed in a final since 2014’s Battle of the Exes II, and that was only his second (plus, he’d been called in at the last minute as a replacement). So does he have the fire to finally put a “1” in front of his 0-2 record?

What do you think — is Leroy finally fired up enough to make a dent in a Challenge finale, and could this finally be his year to take home the grand prize? Or, do old habits die a little too hard, and is he doomed to repeat his pattern of falling short? Share your thoughts, and see how the next leg of the game plays out Tuesday at 9/8c!