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Watch Charli XCX Become Ed Sheeran To Lip-Synch 'Shape Of You'

It's better than it should be

At this point, what is left to say about "Shape of You"? The Ed Sheeran song is, in addition to being Grammy-worthy and one of the top songs of 2017, currently the most-streamed song on Spotify ever, so, like, you know — what could be new about it at this point?

Charli XCX has heard these questions, and her answer is a resounding "me."

On a preview for the next episode of Lip Sync Battle — a seemingly eternal spring of unabashedly outrageous moments like this — Charli dons a red wig (and even some red fake facial hair) to literally become Sheeran and sing the song.

Let's break down the elements of her Sheeran cosplay really quickly. If she were going for regular old stadium-performing Ed, the outfit would likely be a black t-shirt and jeans. But the hoodie, the shorts, and the gloves reveal a specific reference point: the "Shape of You" music video, where Ed does some boxing training. Kudos to Charli for accuracy.

The hair color though? Might be just a shade too dark.

This clip only lasts about 20 seconds, which is honestly criminal. But you can catch the full thing when the episode airs on Thursday at 9:30 p.m. on Paramount Network.