Snooki On Why She And Deena Will Rock Fear Factor: 'We Have Meatball Power'

In a new sneak peek, the 'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation' duo is expecting victory

Are Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and Deena Cortese nervous about their upcoming stint on MTV's Celebrity Fear Factor? Not on your life.

"We represent the short, curvy girls," Deena says in the video, below, causing her Jersey Shore: Family Vacation cohort Snooki to announce, "Yeah, and we have meatball power, so I feel like we're going to do amazing."

But that doesn't mean the women of the self-proclaimed Team Meatball -- who'll face off against groups from MTV Floribama Shore during Fear Factor's Shoredown special on Tuesday -- are fear-free.

"I'm like very anxious when it comes to being stuck in a small space," Deena says. "I get very claustrophobic -- I'm on Prozac."

Um, thanks for sharing.

So what are Snooki's biggest fears? Watch the clip to find out, then catch the "Jersey Shore vs. MTV Floribama Shore" episode on Tuesday, August 21 at 10/9c -- plus the Jersey Shore Family Vacation Part 2 premiere on Thursday, August 23 at 8/7c and Floribama every Monday at 10/9c. And to see what a few of the other competitors are afraid of -- we're talking Ronnie and Pauly D, plus Nilsa and Jeremiah and Kirk and Aimee -- watch the extra bonus clips, below!