Were Stephan's Teen Mom Tears Real -- Or An Act?

The 'Young and Pregnant' dad got uber emotional during tonight's episode

As the Young and Pregnant moms’ due dates are fast approaching, impending fatherhood seems to be hitting the dads pretty hard -- even Kayla’s tough guy ex Stephan.

On tonight’s installment, we saw a whole new side of the serial cheater when he had an emotional breakdown revelation at his son’s shower.

So what happened? Stephan showed up late to the party -- despite Kayla’s pleas for him to arrive early and help set up -- and many attendees, including his aunt Vania, found his actions disrespectful. As the soireé was wrapping up, Vania even pulled her nephew aside to chat about his behavior.

“I just wanna be there,” the soon-to-be-father said when questioned about what kind of man he wants to be for his son. “You can’t really rely on my word, but I’ma let you see it… like I said, this whole baby journey has opened my eyes to a whole new lifestyle.”

Next thing we knew, Stephan was crying in a bathroom stall and admitting to Kayla he was “struggling right now,” but that he’s “trying” to be better for the sake of their family.

And it seemed as though Kayla -- who recently dumped Stephan after catching him cheating again -- had rarely if ever seen her off-again beau in such a vulnerable state.

“It made me feel bad for him," she said. "I shouldn’t be feeling bad -- he’s in the wrong. What he’s doing is wrong… but I don’t want [him] that upset… regardless if he’s wrong and doing stupid s**t.”

But were Stephan’s emotions authentic or an act? Was he looking for sympathy after Kayla dumped him, or is impending fatherhood really starting to freak him out? Tell us your thoughts in the comments, then keep watching Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant every Monday at 10/9c.