From Real World To The Beach: Which 'Ex'-Perience Was More Stressful For Cory?

Poor guy has been blindsided by his former flames twice

When Cory made his MTV debut back in 2014 on Real World, he and his fellow roomies endured an ex-plosion. Translation: His ex Lauren showed up unexpectedly -- and his face definitely said it all (translation: oh s**t):

And during this week's Ex on the Beach installment, lightning struck twice -- but this incident featured his former flame Alicia (and dreaming of a romantic evening with Taylor was pretty much shot to s**t). But which experience would Cory describe as more stressful?

"Seeing my ex on Ex on the Beach," he revealed in the clip below. "The way that it went down -- me and Taylor, we're thinking we're going to the Shack of Secrets, and there's going to be some bed and some flower petals. I'm feeling good; I'm about to get it on."

But that sentiment changed pretttttty quickly when he saw the Are You the One? and Second Chances alum (that ENTRANCE). To hear from the notorious ladies' man -- as well as which ex was easier to live with -- watch the clip. And do not miss Cory -- and his fellow singles and the exes -- when Ex on the Beach continues every Thursday at 9/8c!