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Shawn Mendes Almost Auditioned For The Lead Role In Love, Simon

'That would've been amazing'

In an alternate universe — perhaps the same one in which Troye Sivan plays Elio in Call Me By Your NameShawn Mendes would’ve starred in the coming-of-age flick Love, Simon. So says the Canadian crooner, who let that fascinating bit of intel slip during a radio interview on Thursday (March 22).

Speaking to host Elvis Duran, Mendes paused from promoting his new single “In My Blood” to reveal that he did consider auditioning for the role of Simon.

“Yeah, I would’ve loved to,” he said. “Unfortunately, timing didn’t work out, but that would’ve been amazing.”

Of course, the part ended up going to actor Nick Robinson, who — perhaps not coincidentally — looks like he could be Mendes’s brother. The singer assured Duran he was a big fan of Robinson’s performance, and called Love, Simon an “incredible, incredible movie,” even if it was a somewhat anxious moviegoing experience for him.

“Watching last night, Nick just did an incredible job and it was really amazing,” he said. “Except for the fact that I was freaking out every two minutes, checking my phone, because [“In My Blood”] was coming. I thought going to a movie would be a relaxing thing to do. The opposite!”

Looks like Mendes learned his lesson and probably won’t be going back to the movie theater tonight, considering he has yet another new song, “Lost in Japan,” arriving at midnight. In the meantime, if your heart is aching over the missed opportunity of seeing Mendes on the big screen, don’t worry — last year, it was announced that he’ll be starring in Ivan Reitman’s upcoming movie musical Summer of Love. And, of course, he’s now officially kicked off his third album era, so there will be no shortage of Shawn this year.