Andrew Lipovsky/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Watch Brendon Urie Sing The DuckTales Theme, The Best TV Theme In History

And one Panic! At the Disco song, too

It would be hyperbolic to say that the DuckTales theme's greatness is a scientific fact at this point. But not by much. The infectious strut of the minute-long song makes it one of the most enduring TV themes of all time, and anyone who grew up watching the show can basically sing the song in their sleep.

Anyone like, say, Panic! At the Disco's Brendon Urie, who stopped by The Tonight Show Wednesday night (March 21) to offer an impish, showbiz-clutching, and amazing take on the theme, with a little help from The Roots.

It only lasts for 60 seconds, but in that time, Urie's able to belt out the iconic theme while shaking his tail feather (briefly) and doing The Carlton — inadvertently proving that the DuckTales theme is the best possible song, and perhaps the only acceptable song, to dance The Carlton along to. Even better than Tom Jones.

Urie also stuck around to perform "Say Amen," the new single from Panic!'s upcoming album, Pray for the Wicked. Its music video finds him battling dangerous assassins, which is cool, but part of me would still rather watch Urie recreate beloved TV themes instead. If you have time, Brendon, maybe you can even start a new YouTube channel where that's all you do?

You spent three months on Broadway. This is what you were training for!

Watch the group's "Say Amen" performance below.