Will Mike And Ronnie's Fragile Friendship Survive Jersey Shore Family Vacation?

Frankly, they define the term 'frenemies'

Ronnie and Mike always fought about as much as they fist-pumped, and their tension dates way back to early Jersey Shore history in the form of an oh-so tanned Sam-Ron-Mike love triangle. (Don't believe us? Look here.)

So it's no surprise that we were swiftly reminded of their rocky past on tonight's Jersey Shore Family Vacation after The Inspiration Situation landed in Miami.

Most of the roommates rallied around their friend, who is both two years sober and in the process of battling some tough legal issues, but Ronnie was more reserved with his affections. From the minute Mike set foot in their shared room, the tension could be cut with a knife, with Ronnie bringing up that scuffle in Italy we won't mention and Mike criticizing Ron's sloptastic tendencies and clogged toilet (déjà vu, anyone?). "He's a mess," Mike said. "His life is a mess, and something's gotta change."

Their animosity came to a head during Mike's celebratory dinner, where everyone toasted the New Jersey native's new leaf. Wethinks Vinny said it best: "You're an inspiration to all of us because of what you're going through and the way you're handling it," he said. "You're here with us during the hardest time of your life, so cheers to you for coming here."

But when it was buzzkill's Ron's turn to talk, he had no problem bringing up Mike's past, detailing the fact that they had "more downs than ups" ever since day one.

Mike's reaction to his frenemy's not-so-nice speech basically mirrored everyone else's: "Wait a second -- are you holding grudges from 2011? C'mon, son! Get past that s**t."

While Ron did note that Mike's come a long way, he's not about to forget what went down: "The Situation tried to bang my ex-girlfriend and ratted me out nine different times, so even now, I'm gonna keep him at a distance."

Can these two move forward from their issues, or are we in danger of another situation a la Florence? Comment with your thoughts, and tune in to more from Jersey Shore Family Vacation next Thursday at 8/7c.