Exes Gone Wild: These Are The Craziest Former Flames From Jersey Shore

Revenge is sweet -- but that crumb cake sure wasn't

The Jersey Shore certainly saw its fair share of scorned lovers, but their anger wrought a wee bit more than your classic slashed tires and smashed headlights (thanks for that, Carrie Underwood).

In honor of the upcoming Jersey Shore Family Vacation "Craziest Couplings" special, which will air tomorrow, we're taking a look back at some exes gone wild. From tainted cakes to tossed cocktails, here are a few of our Jersey Shore faves:

  • Mike's Ex-Girlfriend Paula

    If Mike had one so-called significant other in Seaside way back when, it would've been Paula. The two engaged in endless, strings-free smushing throughout the better part of three seasons, but it wasn't until the last few episodes when the two finally DTR'd with a romantic dinner at Rivoli's and that iconic "Let's make it official" tank. Naturally, it wasn't long before The Situation had a situation on his hands: "As soon as I gave Paula the title, she starts talking about kids, family... I'm like, what the f**k, girl -- chill," Mike stated. After he broke up with her (at her tanning salon gig, no less), she sought the ultimate retaliation: the delivery of a crumb cake that had been smothered with a big ol' pair of mystery balls. (And Mike unknowingly took a big ol' bite of it.)

  • JWOWW's Ex-Boyfriend Tom

    Hashtag Long Island problems, anyone? After JWOWW split with her longtime boyfriend Tom (something about her forgetting their anniversary?), the New York native discovered that her ex stole her hard drive, fancy watch and mattress. RUDE! Not only that, but the psycho-robber accused Jenni of cheating and abandoned her dogs to fend for themselves in a hot house. It's true -- one of the most heart-wrenching scenes in Jersey Shore history will forever be the Season 3 ep where Jenni and Snooki rescued those sweet fur babies. Bye, Felicia Tom!

  • Pauly D's Short-Lived Fling Danielle

    The DJ's "hot Israeli girl" from Season 1 quickly became a stage-five clinger after the two briefly dated and then parted ways... except not really. Danielle -- the first of a few mega fans -- started sporadically stalking Pauly's "whole life on the boardwalk," even tracking him down again during Season 3 and throwing a drink in his face.

  • Ronnie AND Sammi

    Sorry, guys -- this one's a tie. While SamRon is officially a thing of the past, we'll never forget their numerous breakups and makeups (and the bits of relationship retribution that went along with them). There was the time Ronnie befriended JWOWW after that whole note debacle, resulting in an uppercut from a jealous Sammi, not to mention when Ronnie totally trashed Sam's room in Seaside and then got into it with a meddling Mike in Italy.

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