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Halsey Isn’t ‘Alone’ Anymore On Her New Remix With Big Sean And Stefflon Don

'These guys took this song to a new level'

Halsey is anything but “Alone” on her latest Hopeless Fountain Kingdom single.

The album version of the song found her flying solo, admitting to being a socialite with a dark side: “I know you’re dying to meet me, but I can just tell you this / Baby as soon as you meet me, you’ll wish that you never did.” On a fresh remix released Thursday (March 15), she invites Big Sean and Stefflon Don to the party for a dynamic posse cut that Halsey dubs “a BANGER.”

After Halsey’s untouched first verse, Big Sean swings through to tell her, “I know you need your alone time, that’s critical / But I need some of your time, is that hypocritical?” Later, the beat slows down for a Stefflon Don appearance that’s surprisingly brief but still manages to pack a punch. Halsey told fans that Sean and Don “took this song to a new level,” and she’s certainly right.

A few weeks back, Halsey assured fans that her Hopeless Fountain Kingdom era is far from over, tweeting that there are more videos and tours on the way. Sounds like we should expect a vid for “Alone” coming up soon — hopefully with her two new friends in it.