Teen Mom OG Reunion: Should Maci And Ryan Hash Out Their Differences On Camera?

So far, the young father refuses to appear with his ex

At the last Teen Mom OG reunion, Maci and Ryan did not appear together because Bentley's father was at a treatment center. And during tonight's concluding special, the exes' streak of not sharing the stage was unbroken -- except this time, it was by choice.

"I'm not going out there with her," Ryan -- who had just completed his sit-down with Mackenzie and Dr. Drew -- told executive producer Larry. "Last time I had a conversation with her, I got mad, and I'm already mad anyways."

Soon, the MTV host joined the conversation -- and recalled a similar scenario with Bentley's parents that took place several years back.

"I'm not going to get myself upset. I'm just not going to do it," Ryan explained.

Then Mackenzie intervened and claimed that Maci "lied onstage" to Dr. Drew about text messages (and how Ryan didn't respond).

Efforts to persuade Ryan were unsuccessful (for now). Meanwhile, in another area backstage, executive producer Dia was with Maci and Taylor -- and Maci offered her version of the events.

"It's like he sends all these text messages and he claims I don't answer them," she revealed off-camera (while her microphone was still capturing the chat). "Well, he can ask me out there."

Maci continued: "The reason that everyone around him thinks that there's no response is because he deletes them."

But Ryan's mom Jen had a different theory, which she explained in front of Ryan, Mackenzie and the rest of the MTV crew.

"I think there's a lot that goes on between Maci and Ryan that nobody knows about," Jen stated.

And with that, tonight's installment ended with a "to be continued" message. But should the exes share the reunion stage, and can Dr. Drew help them hash out their differences? Maci and Ryan clashed throughout this season, with both sides offering different tales of what was happening with their co-parenting efforts. But is a televised environment the best place for this type of conversation to occur? Share your thoughts in the comments, and don't miss Part 2 of the reunion special next Monday at 9/8c.