Lil Yachty Is Pretty Much Screwed On Fear Factor

In a special bonus clip, the rapper reveals he's afraid of way too much

Hey, at least he's honest.

In a Fear Factor bonus clip, rapper/singer Lil Yachty -- who'll be appearing on the show's premiere on Tuesday, July 17 -- says he and his partner JBans probably shouldn't even be there.

"Honestly, I don't think we're the perfect team for Fear Factor," he says.

The reason: Yachty's list of phobias includes just about everything that the series uses to scare the crap hell heck out of its contestants.

"I just don't like a lot of s**t," he says. "I don't like horses, spiders. A tarantula -- I would freak out." As for about his culinary tastes? "All I eat is pizza every single day."

Okay, so Fear Factor isn't known for whipping out big, scary horses -- but it sure is famous for spiders. And in the aforementioned clip, guess what the contestants are indeed tasked with eating? We'll give you a hint: They're big, they're hairy and they have eight legs. So yeah, it's not pizza.

Meanwhile, what are JBans' biggest fears? Watch the clip to find out, then tune in to the Fear Factor's "Hip-Hop Battle" episode -- which will pit Yachty and JBans against Tyga, Chanel West Coast and Kodi Shane -- on July 17 at 10/9c.