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Jhené Aiko Shares Passionate Post About The Effects Of Gossip

Anyone (including gossip bloggers) can get it

Today (March 14), Jhené Aiko addressed gossip bloggers in a long, forceful, and pointed Instagram post. The response comes days after a Bossip article alleged Big Sean had cheated on the Twenty88 singer with Nicole Scherzinger.

"Serious question... do these full grown adults who write for / run gossip blogs or have gossip shows... do these people feel proud of themselves," Aiko wrote. "Like are they living their dream? do they feel this is their God given purpose?"

The "Sativa" singer continued her post trying to answer the question she posed at the beginning of the message.

"Maybe they feel their purpose is to keep people 'informed,'" Jhené wrote. "If so.... i am hoping they level up at some point and become actual journalist who do actual research on topics worth sharing, information that all humankind can benefit from...."

Yesterday (March 13), Jhené denounced the rumors on Twitter in two short tweets. Big Sean's emoji response to Aiko confirmed the "fan-fiction." The singer finished her Instagram message hoping gossip bloggers find their "God given purpose."

This isn't the first time Jhene has defended her relationship with the Detroit rapper to the masses in 2018. In February, a BBC Radio 1Xtra interview launched a controversy over how the R&B singer's relationship with Big Sean started and if it was considered cheating. Aiko took to social media during that incident as well to address a "negative spirited tweet" directed her way.

Hopefully, Jhené's thorough message quells the endless and damaging speculation. If not, at least Aiko proved she has time to address anything thrown her way.

Read the entire post below.