Taylor Swift Gives Fans An Intimate Look At Her ‘Delicate’ Dance Moves

Watch her rehearse the quirky choreo in just one take

In Taylor Swift’s new “Delicate” video, the pop star dances like no one’s watching, which is ironic because in the two days since its premiere, the video has been viewed over 21 million times. That’s certainly not no one. And while of course the internet has fierce opinions on Swift’s Maddie Ziegler-esque dance moves — with some saying they’re amazing and others playing the “hater” card — there’s no doubt Swift put work into the quirky choreography.

On Tuesday (March 13), the Reputation singer gave us a peek at that hard work with two behind-the-scenes videos from her dance rehearsals. The clips were posted alongside the frames from the finished product, giving us a fascinating before-and-after glimpse at her moves. In the rehearsal footage, Swift nails the choreo in the comfort of an empty studio, trading in that blue frilly dress for leggings and a crop top. She does her splits on a couch instead of a car, and though there are no rain puddles for her to splash around in, she has that same gleeful smile on her face the whole time.

Check out the two new clips below, which will no doubt be used as inspiration for upcoming “‘Delicate’ dance tutorial” videos on YouTube. Hey, if Swift can oh-so-effortlessly nail those moves, then why can’t you?!