Fear Factor Special: The Jersey Shore Crew Is Battling MTV Floribama Shore

Who will take home the Shoredown crown?

Fear Factor is about to have the ultimate brawl of the beaches. Better get in a last-minute GTL and put those chi chis up!

Celebrity Fear Factor will feature Jersey Shore Family Vacation (Snooki/Deena plus Pauly D/Ronnie) facing off against MTV Floribama Shore (Nilsa/Jeremiah and Aimee/Kirk). Let's just say this environment is the complete opposite of Karma and Club La Vela.

But back to the game. According to Ludacris, which team had the upper hand?

"I think the Floribama kids had something to prove," the entertainer/host recently told MTV News. "They were like, 'We are going to beat these people who we look up to.'"

And what did he have to say about one-half of Team Meatball?

"Snooki was extremely entertaining," he added. "She was funny as hell." Doesn't surprise us in the least (hello, Snookiest moments).

Which team do you think will take the Celebrity Fear Factor crown? Cast your vote in the poll below, check out a special sneak peek of the installment above and don't miss the entire episode on Tuesday, August 21 at 10/9c!