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Joe Jonas's New Tattoo Looks Suspiciously Like Sophie Turner

Tattoos are forever, just like their love

Joe Jonas has a new tattoo, and it may or may not be an homage to fiancée Sophie Turner — at least, according to his fans.

The DNCE frontman showed off his new ink — a simple black drawing of a lady sitting with her leg curled up, gazing down, with a small pop of red in the frame — in an Instagram post on Sunday (March 11). He credited Toronto-based Curt Montgomery as the tattoo artist.

Fans immediately questioned whether the tattoo is a nod to Turner, particularly seeing a resemblance between the drawing and her Game of Thrones character, Sansa Stark. "There's a scene where Sansa is exactly like in Joe's tattoo so yes, it's Sophie/Sansa Stark," one fan tweeted.

Others, however, doubt the direct connection, asserting that until Jonas declares his body art's meaning himself, no meaning shall be prescribed.

Still, Jonas is known for dedicating his tattoos to those closest to him. His first tattoo from Montgomery — a triangle with an open hand — was a tribute to his three brothers. "I've always been attracted to the number three. It's got three points; I've got three brothers," he told Rolling Stone in November 2016. "Another important thing is the hand – it's an open hand, a female hand. It's giving, like Mother Nature."

He also once got a matching tattoo with younger brother, Nick, ahead of the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards — simple arrows on their upper arms, and his newest ink is situated on his inner forearm, directly underneath the knot tattoo he dedicated to his family in 2012.

This is not to say that Jonas's latest ink is without-a-doubt connected to Turner — but that explanation does seem to fit with his M.O.