PRETTYMUCH's '10,000 Hours' Video Is Like Arts And Crafts Gone Wild

They're ready to put in some serious time to get messy

A decade ago, author Malcolm Gladwell offered a popular theory: If you want to be an expert at something, you'll partly need to devote 10,000 hours of practicing that thing correctly. PRETTYMUCH know this, clearly, and they've devoted an entire song (and now, a video) to that concept. Their goal? To love you as perfectly as possible. Aw.

In the new video for the appropriately named "10,000 Hours," the five guys sing, dance, and mug in front of a gigantic white canvas and dressed in all white. This can only mean one thing: It's time to get messy.

This video is remarkable for how the striking white cloth everywhere is almost a provocation — "Please, spill some paint on me," it says softly, and Brandon, Edwin, Austin, Nick, and Zion have no choice but to comply. Throughout the clip, they're creating their own separate works of art as well as contributing to the larger one. They're also tossing it and dripping it all over each other.

On social media, the band has offered instructions on how you can enter to win a piece of that artwork. Check out their Instagram story for more details. And below, watch what happened when MTV News followed PRETTYMUCH around for a full day last summer.