Camila Cabello's 'Never Be The Same' Video Is A Weird Prehistoric French Fry-Eating Adventure

What is going on?

Today (March 8), Camila Cabello released the music video for "Never Be The Same." The Grant Singer-directed visual is a surrealist voyage into the deep recesses of Cabello's mind. Here are some of the weirdest parts of the video.

First, why is Camila in a hotel room one minute and then transported to a prehistoric wasteland where she's wearing what looks like a dress made out of Fruit by the Foot? "Never Be The Same" is about finding a significant other who is addictive as nicotine, heroin, and morphine. Maybe this apocalyptic future that looks very similar to ABC's 1991 show Dinosaurs is what happens when Camila is deprived of that love.

Secondly, is Cabello stuck in a metaphorical glass case of emotion like Ron Burgundy? The dress she is wearing in the clear box is gorgeous, but is wasted in a place where no one is around to see it. Finally, the former Fifth Harmony singer breaks a cardinal rule. At the beginning of the video, she can be seen eating french fries, but doesn't wait 30 minutes before taking a swim. If she gets cramps, no one is around to save her.

If you'd like to make sure Cabello is alright in person, she is an opener on Taylor Swift's upcoming tour. Make sure to bring ketchup and floaties.