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Cardi B Meeting Madonna Is The Purest Moment Of Joy There Is

Kim Kardashian and Migos were there too

It's only Tuesday (March 6), but it's already been a week full of Madonna, all-time legend, interacting with the new generation of young legends.

Yesterday, Lana Del Rey offered up a cover of "You Must Love Me," a romantic ballad from Andrew LLoyd Webber and Tim Rice's Evita, which Madonna anchored on film in the lead role in 1996. And now, Cardi B's got her own Madonna tale to tell — and this one actually involved them meeting in person.

"I met my real life IDOL [M]adonna," Cardi wrote in the caption of a photo featuring the two next to each other, flanked by Migos' Offset and Quavo. "I can’t even believe [I] performed at her event and it was the most meaningful performance ever."

The picture was snapped at Madonna's 2018 Oscars after-party on Sunday night, where Cardi performed. As Billboard points out, Cardi's stylist captured another moment of the pair posing along with Kim Kardashian — and there's another one Madonna posted featuring her cradling Cardi's face in her hands. It's very pure. ("Love this girl so much!!" Madonna tweeted along with the photo).

"I grew up with my mom listening to Madonna for hours," Cardi continued in her own caption. "I performed 'Material Girl' freshman year in [h]igh school, listen to her on all my photo shoots to have super confidence and always mentioned her in my interviews. The best part about it is she was everything [I] thought she would be a [l]iberal [k]ick[-]ass feminist bitch ... I’m soo happy."

Now that Cardi's met her idol, maybe she can talk her into coming into the studio to assist on her upcoming debut album — the one she's taking her time on, sure, but also the one about "square-ass" haters. Sounds like a perfect matchup.