All The Reasons We Wish Snooki Was Our BFF

She's here, bitches!

Fact: There are countless qualities that make our beloved Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi as endearing as they come. She's kind, strong, gorgeous, really f**king hilarious and a kick-ass mom, just to name a few. And because of these reasons (and so many more), MTV is about to celebrate her biggest -- and most hysterical -- Jersey Shore highlights.

In honor of the upcoming Road to Vacation special highlighting the series' "Snooki-est Moments" -- airing tonight at 8/7c -- we've rounded up just what it is that makes this cast member so special -- and why we wish she was our BFF. Enjoy the Snookfest!

  • She knows what she wants... and goes after it

    During Season 1 of Jersey Shore, a Snookin-for-love Nicole loudly declared, "I want to marry a guido. My ultimate dream is to move to Jersey, find a nice, juiced, hot tan guy and live my life." Enter Snooki's now-husband, Jionni. Guess dreams really do come true!

  • She is the best friend you never had

    Snooki has been beyond loyal since day one: That horrendous sucker punch seen 'round the world was a direct result of Nicole sticking up for her new housemates. Not only that, but it takes a true friend to stand lookout while your bestie relieves herself behind the bar at Karma.

  • She is both solution-oriented and resourceful

    No ice pack? No problem! We'll never forget when the tiny guidette burned her bare ass with tanning lotion, then promptly popped a squat in a mini fridge for a little cooling comfort.

  • She tells it like it is

    One of Snooki's realest moments: When Mike brought home a couple of not-so-nice girls (aka grenades) from the club during the first season. "I am done with [Mike] bringing these girls here," she said. "Not only is this your house, but this is six other people's house." Then she went Rocky on The Situation's ass with a squeaky blowup toy, but that's another story.

  • She's resilient AF

    Not only did Nicole quickly bounce back from that a**hole-who-hits-girls, she fully recovered from the legendary drunk-on-the-beach debacle. And she's able to laugh at herself several years later.

Catch the "Snooki-est Moments" special tonight and tune in to Jersey Shore Family Vacation's global premiere on April 5 at 8/7c.