Why Max Thinks This Guy Is Being Catfished By His Own Mother

It could be a family affair on the show's next episode

Moms are known for contacting Nev and Max to aid their kiddos -- but could Dylan's parent actually BE the catfish?

In a sneak peek of Wednesday's episode, the current love hopeful opens up about his childhood (the details of which he learned from his father).

"My mom had my brother and shortly after had me, and then when she had me, she took me and my brother without telling anybody," he tells Nev and Max in the clip above. When Dylan and his sibling were found, he says, the circumstances were "so bad." Eventually, Dylan's dad was awarded full custody of his children; they reconnected when Dylan was 14.

But things took an unfortunate turn, and that's when, coincidentally, a girl named Savenia entered Dylan's life. So how does Dylan react when Max wonders if Dylan's mom is conning her child? Watch the video to find out, and to see if Max's idea is a reality, catch the installment this Wednesday at 10/9c.