Bye, Brandon: Did Siesta Key's Madisson Make The Right Move?

She kicked BG to the curb -- and seems to have her eye on Ben

Sometimes, even a heartfelt serenade can't fix a broken relationship.

On this week's Siesta Key, Brandon had high hopes his special song would mend things with Madisson, despite her "kinda whack" behavior of bringing her old friend Ben around for Thanksgiving. "It just sucks to be in this position when you know you messed up," the budding rapper told Alex. "I guess more or less I deserve it." Well, hate to be the bearer of bad news, BG, but you did cheat on her.

Fast-forward to the night of Brandon's big song reveal: Madisson was hesitant to go see the performance and instead opted to sip dirty martinis with Ben, who revealed he'd gotten a real estate job offer in Siesta Key. While Madisson said the news made her "happy," her expression told a different story:

But eventually, Mad did decide to go to Brandon's gig, after receiving a text from him that prodded her to "call it a night" with Ben and head to The Drynk (not a typo). She made it just in time to see BG introduce his brand-new track.

"When I wrote this, it was dedicated to a special someone," he told the crowd. "When she came into my life, she changed it for the better. And I ruined that by making a mistake that I'll regret forever. This next song's called 'Away,' and I dedicate it to her because I love her."

Cue every romantic occasion the two ever shared, including that moment at Alex's Great Gatsby gala.

After the concert, Madisson had a talk with Brandon, during which he all but got on his knees to beg for a redo. "I would take [my stupid mistake] back any chance I get," he told her. "All I really want is to move forward somehow, some way, because I love you. I was wondering if we can start fresh."

Cue Mad: "You're saying everything I thought I wanted to hear. It's just tough for me to get back to that place with where I can trust you. I just can't get there right now. I'll see you around, Brandon."

While you can't deny Bradisson's chemistry, some relationships simply can't be repaired. But did Madisson make the right choice? And not only that, could she have a future with Ben? (She was spotted embracing him at the end!) Leave your thoughts in the comments, and stay with MTV News for more Siesta Key developments.