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Ed Sheeran Is Not Married Yet, Ladies

That silver ring isn't what you think it is

At Wednesday night (February 21)'s BRIT Awards, eagle-eyed spectators noticed a conspicuous ring on Ed Sheeran's left ring finger — the one where people would normally sport a wedding band. You can see it clearly in the photo below from during the show as he stood at the podium, accepting the Global Success Award.

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Now if it was a wedding ring, it would actually make some sense. Last month, Sheeran got engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Cherry Seaborn, the inspiration behind his song "Perfect" — sure to be the chosen song at many a wedding in 2018 and beyond. So if they ran off and got hitched in a low-key ceremony away from the press, that would be completely believable.

However, Sheeran himself cleared up any confusion on the show's red carpet: They're not married (yet). But the ring is indeed a symbol of his love.

"I never saw why men didn't wear engagement rings. It's the same commitment either way," he told British talk show Lorraine, as per EW. "Cherry made it for me herself out of silver clay. I really like it."

In addition to winning a Global Success Award, Sheeran — who might be engaged, but is still not married, ladies — also performed "Supermarket Flowers" during the show. Watch his full speech below.