Teen Mom OG Quest: Will Gary Search For His Birth Father?

A paternity test just gave the young dad some surprising news

For his entire life, Teen Mom OG cast member Gary was told that Jody was his father. But during this week's episode, a paternity test revealed this was not the case -- and the surprising development left Gary upset and contemplating whether or not he should set out to find his biological father.

But first, how did Gary (who went with Jody for a saliva sample in last week's installment) get the life-changing news? His wife Kristina opened a letter with the test's results but couldn't bear to read it; instead, she passed the document to Gary, and he stated that there was "zero percent" that Jody was his biological father. Kristina wiped away tears, while Gary wanted to "throw away" the DNA findings.

"I hope it won't change anything" Gary said, adding that he regretted taking the test.

When Gary told Jody, all the latter could muster up was a "wow." From there, Gary said he didn't want to search for his birth father -- but Kristina wisely pointed out that both men "deserve answers." Later, Jody and Gary told Gary's mother Carol about the paternity test; she confessed that there was "only one" other person it could be and explained the circumstances (she was young, and she had recently broken up with Jody when she met the other man).

But Gary ultimately changed his tune about coming face-to-face with his possible birth father and learning more about his background.

"If I ever did meet this guy, I wouldn't want our relationship ruined over that," Gary told Jody, while Carol apologized that the outcome wasn't what the two men had hoped it would be.

So will Gary set out to find his birth father? Or will he stick to his previous word and not go looking for the mystery man? Share your thoughts in the comments, and see what path Gary pursues every Monday on Teen Mom OG at 9/8c.