Photo by Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

Travis Scott Has A Nine-Letter Word To Describe His Daughter Stormi

🚨Proud dad alert 🚨

Why do people keep asking Travis Scott about his new daughterΒ with Kylie Jenner? Historically, the Houston rapper hates any and all questions about his personal life for good reason. In a 2018 Billboard cover story, Scott infamously answered "Uh... for what," when asked if he spoke to his father about becoming a father. This time, TMZ gets to try their hand at getting the Astroworld rapper to open up about fatherhood.

To their credit, one paparazzi did get a response from Travis, albeit a short one. "She’s beautiful," said Scott.

The birth of Stormi Webster predictably was pandemonium. Her announcement briefly stole the Super Bowl's thunder, amassed over 58 million views on YouTube in less than a month, introduced Chicago West to the world, and launched too many conspiracy theories.

The popularity even led to a big accomplishment for the newborn baby. Stormi's first photo on Instagram is now the most-liked image on the social media platform. Not bad for an infant that isn't even a month old yet.

Watch the video of TravisΒ here.