Siesta Key Squabble: Can Juliette And Hannah Save Their Friendship?

The two had quite a blowout (and it's totally Alex's fault)

Juliette said it best on tonight's Siesta Key: "If you have a bad relationship with your girlfriend's best friend, your relationship is gonna die." (Here's lookin' at you, Alex.)

During a vicious game of he-said-she-said, Juliette found herself caught in the middle of yet another argument between her boyfriend Alex and her BFF Hannah on tonight's Siesta Key.

How did it all begin? To recap: Everyone knows Hannah is blatantly anti-Alex due to his unfaithful streak, but this time, she made the mistake of venting to Alex's cousin Pauly. Naturally, Pauly told Alex, who told Juliette, who confronted Hannah, who denied any Alex bashing whatsoever. (You're following this, right? Good.) And at some point throughout this really screwed-up game of telephone, Alex dragged Hannah's relationship with Andrew through the mud, saying she's "one to talk" because she cheated on her own boyfriend. And yes, that got right back to Hannah too.

Finally, in the hopes her boyfriend and her bestie could get along once and for all, Jules invited Hannah to Alex's housewarming party. Hannah's motives for attending, though, were a bit different: "I honestly feel betrayed by Juliette, what she did to me with Alex. If Juliette's not going to defend me, I'm going to defend myself."

Indeed, at the bash, Alex and Hannah had words -- and it only went downhill from there: When Juliette approached, Hannah accused her pal of having zero self-respect. Cue one of the greatest friend fallouts since Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag...

Hannah: "Don't come to me with your problems anymore when he does do the things that he does to you."

Juliette: "Okay, fine. Then you can't come to me with your problems."

Hannah: "I don't have problems."

Daaaaayum. Do these two have any hope of fixing their friendship a la Juliette and Chloe? Or do Alex and Hannah have to mend their own relationship first -- and will that ever happen? Comment with your thoughts, and catch more Siesta Key Mondays at 10/9c.